Kanazoé Group is a structure composed of several entities African company more than two thousand employees, working in the fields of general construction (Building and Construction), the precast concrete and in the promotion and Tenant high-quality, trade, provision of various services and aviation.

More demanding on the quality of its products and services, always listening for new technologies, changes your mood and your tastes, the Group has continued to innovate Kanazoé to better meet your requirements.

The progress of various group companies in the West Africa zone once again confirms the relevance of its strategic decisions and at the same time demonstrates the strength of the model.

Kanazoé Group leverages its local knowledge and global regulations and construction practices to provide consistently excellent customer service. Balanced with the strengths, expertise of its staff and the international scope of the Group continues to develop and improve its position in construction applications while inspecting new horizons.


El Hadj Oumarou Kanazoé